Salad Topping Provencal Herbs 175g

Tasty sprouted seed mix to upgrade all your salads and dishes!

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He-Be's Sprouted Salad Toppings are made with the best organic seeds, which are first sprouted to inactivate the enzyme inhibitors and to unlock the nutrients, then mixed with aromatic herbs and finally slowy dehydrated to perfection!
Top all your salads and savoury dishes with this seed mix for an extra nutrient and flavour boost, and to add some 'crunch'.

Raw - Vegan - Gluten free - Dairy free - Sugar Free - Sprouted


Sprouted sunflower seeds*, activated buckwheat*, celeri rave*, activated pumpkin seeds*, tomato powder*, Himalayan salt, Provencal Herbs* 1,13%. *Organic certified.
1 bag contains 175g = 11,6 servings

How to use?

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Salad Topping to your salads, curry’s, soups, pasta, …

Nutritional info 

Nutritional values per 100g   15g
Energy     2186kJ/526kcal   328kJ/79kcal
Fats     32,2g   4,9g
Of which saturated fats 4,7g   0,7g
Carbohydrates   41,1g   6,2g
Of which sugars   1,2g   0,2g
Fibre     8,1g   1,2g
Protein     19,3g   2,9g
Salt     2,4g   0,35g